Boise County, ID




300 sf

Bogus Basin Double R Ranch Smokehouse

Bogus Basin recently completed the Simplot Lodge Plaza improvements that included a hydronic snowmelt system to accommodate outdoor lounging in the wintertime. erstad ARCHITECTS designed an outdoor concession stand off the new Plaza that will operate year-round. What conceptually began as a simple burger shack with counter seating evolved into the Double R Ranch BBQ Smokehouse. The Smokehouse is clad in vintage metal standing seam panels on the exterior and natural birch plywood on the interior. The birch plywood extends out to the soffit at the deep overhangs. Polycarbonate panels are located along the tops of the walls to allow natural light within. The steel beams are exposed and connect to the rear steel screened outdoor smoking and grilling station – the heart of the Double R Ranch BBQ Smokehouse.

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