Boise, Idaho


June 2015


6,038 sf

D.L. EVANS Alexander Building (9th & Main) T.I.

D.L. Evans Bank had been located across the street from the historic Alexander Building in Downtown Boise since 2007, and when they needed a larger space, the elegant building on 9th and Main is where they chose to go. The building had been a bank previously which made it easy enough to convert, but modifications still needed to be made to make D.L. Evans’ program work.
The Bank’s design team at erstad ARCHITECTS was challenged with providing more space for office and administrative functions in the low-ceilinged north side, and design an all-new bank branch for customers on the south end. The administrative side features tongue-and-groove wood ceiling that was left exposed, both to show off the beautiful structure and increase heights as much as possible. The customer side is a light and airy two-story space wrapped in glass that faces the street, with an interior teller line housed under a mezzanine level. This area was remodeled and simplified with an entirely new teller line and modified mezzanine to update the space and customize it for D.L. Evans’ needs. The end result is a blend of historical preservation and modern functions that should serve the Bank well for years to come.

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