Caldwell, Idaho


October 2016


4,440 sf

D.L. Evans Caldwell

D.L. Evans Bank opened a temporary branch in Caldwell, Idaho in 2014. After increased growth and community involvement cemented their partnership with Caldwell, the bank made the move to open a full standalone branch building in 2016.
erstad ARCHITECTS took the building template they had been refining over the years for the bank and adapted the design to suit the site and its proximity alongside Caldwell’s newly restored Indian Creek. The new building features a separated drive-through canopy and drive aisle, a pergola that increases pedestrian connection with the site, and strong visual interaction with the intersection of 10th Ave and Blaine Street in Caldwell’s growing downtown. Contemporary banking needs require innovative solutions. New technology accommodates new ways of thinking about what it means to use a bank. The Caldwell location of D.L. Evans Bank is another step in the evolution of the model.

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