adrienne lane-martin

interior design director, partner, NCIDQ, LEED AP

About Adrienne

Adrienne wanted to be an interior designer since she was in the 6th grade. Always a lover of anything art related, she discovered that you could combine art with problem solving & your surrounding environment, a mix of both your left & right brains – she was hooked. Growing up in military base housing where nothing could be permanent, she learned creative ways to alter her environment via paint, furniture arrangement, etc. with the help of her partner in crime – her mom. This grew to a deep passion for design that continued into college at Iowa State University. Since then she has been a high-end residential designer a.k.a. marriage counselor and eventually stepped into commercial design when she moved to Boise in 2010. The psychology and attention to detail she learned in residential has helped her immensely with her commercial clients. Her husband, TJ, is a big supporter of her passion for design, knowing when to correct people that she is not a decorator and what the differences are. Although he loves how creative his wife is, he’s made a few comments that no more lamps or chairs are allowed in their house as Adrienne loves to repurpose old items/furniture – maybe it’s an addiction? His love for anything new (not ‘vintage’ as Adrienne likes to call it) brings a quirky dynamic to their life together with their Australian Shepherd dog, Mitchell. She has loved being a part of the erstad team since 2012 where she can problem solve, design, laugh at work every day, and sometimes boss Andy around. Dream job!