samantha boucher

interior designer, NCIDQ

About Samantha

Montanan by birth and Boisean by choice, Samantha is an interior designer with a varied background and an enthusiastic dedication to helping her adopted community thrive in the smartest (and coolest) ways possible. She obtained her Bachelor Degree of Interior Design in 2009 from the University of Idaho and her NCIDQ certification in 2017. She’s a member of the International Interior Design Association and Interior Designers of Idaho, and she’s been a happy little oddball on the erstad ARCHITECTS team since 2015.

On Monday nights you can find her tutoring at the Learning Lab, on Saturdays you can find her wandering down a river or a trail, and on Sundays she’ll be cozy somewhere studying something like astrophysics, a new design strategy, or superior cookie chemistry. At all times, you can find her with tea.