25 years of designing for
community, place, and people

different is good.

erstad promotes creativity with a purpose, and innovation to create a positive impact to meet the business needs of the client. Our firm believes that being different is good – that standing out from the crowd in terms of design can be a powerful position. Adding value to the client brand through brilliant design is assured by our team-based culture.

community involvement
through the wassmuth center

The Wassmuth Education Center, Boise, Idaho

creating a space
everyone can call home

Adare, Boise, Idaho

creating a space for
young minds to flourish

Boys & Girls Club, Kuna, Idaho

designing spaces where
lives are transformed

Idaho Youth Ranch, Middleton, Idaho

creating a space where

business and commerce thrive

The Veltex, Boise, Idaho

enriching our community through design.

icon group

erstad + our community

model building code modifications and impact on sustainability

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erstad named among best architectural firms in Boise

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