Idaho Falls, Idaho




46,150 sf

Bandon River Senior Housing

The Bandon River Senior Apartment building is a 48 unit, two-story housing development in eastern Idaho in Idaho Falls.  The design team led by erstad ARCHITECTS was a collaborative venture with the owner, engineers, and LEED consultants.  The design for Bandon River put the development on track to receive a LEED Platinum designation.  Site development incorporated environmentally sensitive planting selections and irrigation methods. The core of the building utilized advanced framing techniques to minimize waste and to achieve the highest R-values in insulation at all perimeters. Ductwork and spaces were sealed throughout, and only energy efficient mechanical units, water conservative plumbing fixtures, and energy star rated appliances were installed.  The development, completed in 2014, provides a healthy environment for its residents and remains a responsible addition to the community.

Idaho Smart Growth 2015 – Green Building
Special Designation: LEED Platinum

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