Boise, ID




9,137 sf

Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy

The Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy acquired the former Falk & Co. Building on 9 th and Miller
Streets with the intent of carving out a new home for Opera Idaho.
This modest building needed a great deal of work if it were to become a usable rehearsal space for the
Opera. The project scope incorporated major accessibility and life safety upgrades including extensive
structural reinforcement, new fire sprinklers, and the addition of an elevator lobby to provide accessible
access to the basement, ground, and main levels.

To shape the Opera’s new rehearsal room, a portion of the roof 65’ in length was removed entirely and
replaced with an 18-foot-high exposed wood purlin and glu-lam timber structure. The new volume this
move created is a tall, open, and daylit space with acoustic qualities that support the Opera’s unique
needs. New hardwood floors gave the space a classic look. Other modifications include numerous
energy efficiency upgrades, new restrooms, and offices for the Opera.

2021 City of Boise Building Excellence Awards Honorable Mention
2021 IBR Top Projects Third Place in Renovations Category

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