Boise, Idaho




3,322 sf

Richard’s Restauraunt T.I.

Chef Richard Langston asked his friend and frequent patron Andy Erstad to help design the perfect home for his new location at the Inn at 500 in downtown Boise in 2015. He and his wife wanted an elegant, upscale atmosphere in this new larger setting that still retained the comfortable local vibe that longtime customers had loved from the old neighborhood.
The erstad ARCHITECTS interiors department worked closely with Richard and Melinda to bring that vision to life by designing a variety of dining areas that provide both intimacy and openness. Interior finishes exude modern romance through the use of metallics and a darker color palette combined with subtle touches from the local Idaho wine country. One example: a canopy of suspended wine barrel staves over the area nicknamed “the living room” floats above diners and screens the partially exposed kitchen.
A full bar was a new addition to the Richard’s business model. The glimmering space now provides a setting for the after-work crowd while complementing and enhancing Richard’s menu and zest for cuisine.
Intermountain Design Excellence – Specialty Product 2018

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