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about Andy

In Andy’s spare time he continues to live the life of a community builder – participating on Commissions, Boards, and Committees including The Idaho State Capitol Commission, St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital Advisory Board, and St. Luke’s Foundation Board; recent Chairman of the Boise City Design Review Committee, Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Association, and the Boise High School Lacrosse Club. Andy tries to harass fish in the Boise River and has a goal this year to be able to fly further than he can jump! The real word out there – Shannon his wife ROCKS!

Andy brings over twenty-five years of national and international experience to his clients. His firm associations include the likes of Albanese/Brooks Associates in Tucson, Venturi Scott Brown in Philadelphia, Bull Stockwell and Allen, Reid & Tarics in San Francisco, and Hummel Architects in Boise before starting erstad ARCHITECTS. He is a member of AIA, NCARB, and USGBC, and is licensed in numerous states to practice architecture, witchcraft, and low-flame fire dancing. He is an outspoken sustainablist and is credentialed as a LEED AP. His academic background includes degrees from The College of Idaho, the University of Arizona College of Architecture (with Honors and Distinction, an award or two, and scholarships – honest), and numerous other college experiences in Firenze, Italia, and San Francisco, CA. We don’t usually order those transcripts but if you need a tip for a good restaurant, museum, wine selection, or point of interest – he’s your guy!