Wyld Child

about Kiersten

Kiersten is a true gem among us, proudly hailing from Idaho! A rare Idaho native in our office, she embraces her small-town roots from Soda Springs with pride. In 2017, she traded her hometown charm for Caldwell to attend the College of Idaho, where she also played on the women's basketball team. After an incredible four years, she graduated with a bachelor's in Business Administration.

Kiersten's career took off in the non-profit world, spending over two years with the Meridian Chamber of Commerce before bringing her talents to erstad. Now, you’ll often find Kiersten behind the camera, capturing the magic of the erstad team or roping everyone into the latest social media trend – and secretly, they love every moment of it!

When she’s not at work, Kiersten enjoys a stroll on the greenbelt with a coffee in hand or unwinding on a patio.