After 50 years of deterioration, the 1904 Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church, a Baroque-Romanesque stone cathedral, was listed as one of the Top Ten Most Threatened and Endangered Historic Sites in the State of Idaho. A lifelong arts educator, the Client, saw the cathedral as a children’s theater, and the chapel as a world-class dance studio. The spectacular acoustics originally designed into the space were restored for musical theater productions, youth orchestras, and acapella performances. With its soaring ceilings and exposed beams, the expansive building became a dream for photographers, filmmakers, singers, dancers, musicians, trapeze artists, and the circus arts. Rather than demolishing the existing building, TRICA and erstad chose to salvage and restore the historic site, striving to reduce waste wherever possible within an extremely tight budget. With a large new elevator in place, the building became fully accessible.

Boise, Idaho

square feet
12,000 sf

project status