Adrienne Award photo


At the September 2017 Annual meeting of the Intermountain Chapter of ASID (American Society of Interior Designers) Adrienne Lane Martin, Interior Design Manager, accepted the Specialty Product Award. The award was for the design of the wine stave canopy in RICHARD’S restaurant at the Inn at 500 in Boise. The canopy was designed as a feature that would allow diners to enjoy their meals without the discomfort of negative visual or audible noise of a busy restaurant kitchen, while also giving them positive visual and audible access to Chef Richard as he worked.

Adrienne and interior designer Samantha Boucher, developed a solution that provided a visual screen between patrons and staff, furnished texture, didn’t overwhelm the space with too much visual weight, and assisted the acoustic needs of the room. Above all, the solution needed to appear as if it were simply a natural feature that enhanced the overall design feel of the restaurant. The material came as a suggestion from the restaurant’s owners, who wanted to incorporate reclaimed items from their local suppliers into the restaurant’s interiors. Reclaimed wine barrel staves – sourced by hand from local wineries – were the perfect choice.

The combination of ceiling cloud and screen wall is suspended over the center dining area and drapes down to separate the diners from the cook line. The design team came up with a system that is airy and light, and the simple materials complement the dining experience.

The finished product is a custom feature that not only suits the restaurant’s design, but also envelops and enhances it. The space below is a cozy unique, and intimate dining space. The space behind is a bright and bustling kitchen, where the Chef/Owner Richard works and never seems out of reach.