erstad stairs

At erstad, sustainable design embodies our core mission to build communities that enrich the quality of life and improve the surrounding environment.

More than just being “green,” sustainable design is holistic thinking – design that integrates all aspects of building, landscape and community and strikes a balance between the human and natural ecosystems. Similarly, our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our work, community involvement, and personal lives.

From project to conception to final completion, erstad implements sustainable design practices ranging from the use of environmentally friendly products to LEED® Certification. We work closely with clients to develop solutions for sustainable buildings that best meet their functional, aesthetic, and financial goals. With an eye on building performance, life cycle costs, and budget, we create functional, healthy places that will be relevant for years to come.


erstad blends intelligence and creativity to enhance the community, add financial value, and improve life’s experiences with inspired design.

  • Smart Planning is User-Driven

    People are the end users of our design and architectural work, so it’s smart to take a user-driven approach as we plan our work. And just as every person is unique, each project demands a one-of-a-kind plan to combine elegance with efficiency, to introduce beautiful form to normal function. Smart planning leads to great design — sometimes it is subtle, other times it is striking — but the emotional response must always be positive and memorable.

  • Great Design is Good Business

    Understanding the user is the key to creating a place where tremendous success will occur. This business approach to architecture and design is steeped in research. erstad gains an understanding of the intended target market, their demographic and psychographic profiles, and the demands they will make on this new space. All before the design phase begins. Instead of putting up a simple building, which can add tremendous value in most neighborhoods or business districts, erstad advances the belief that great design can lead to even more remarkable dividends.

  • Long Term is Forever

    Every new building, every exterior treatment, every interior layout, all of it has either a positive or negative impact on the people who live there. And it’s not temporary. The opportunity to design and build brings with it the challenge and responsibility to enhance the community and all affected environments. This core value at erstad – to enhance rather than just plan and build — doesn’t make the process easier, but, in the end, it makes our contribution to the client and the community better.