Client goals are always the primary focus in our firm. The creative and design-generating process is research-based and centered upon the true needs of the client. But erstad takes design creation to the edge, challenging the accepted norms in the pursuit of unique, memorable, and one-of-a-kind concepts.

Our approach is based on a team concept to generate ideas and solutions for clients. And each project is the result of our best thinking – as a team rather than individuals. By sharing our insights with one another, erstad provides its best possible ideas and insights to clients.

erstad promotes creativity with a purpose, and innovation to create a positive impact to meet the business needs of the client. The firm believes that being different is good – that standing out from the crowd in terms of design and construction can be a powerful position. Adding value to the client brand through brilliant design is assured by our team-based culture. Every member of our staff is motivated to constantly improve individually through education, experience and reflection. The firm assists and supports the personal growth of its people to assure the strongest team possible.

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